Why Choose Multiplanter

“with Multiplanter you will not have to stay bent to transplant your seedlings”

Simply push the multi planter into the ground, drop the bulb into the top and release it into the ground using the shutter system. The Multiplanter comes in two different sizes to suite different bulbs. The standard small unit is ideal for all small bulbs whereas the large unit, which comes with a handy foot pedal to help push it into the ground is well suited to bigger bulbs. The Multiplanter not only saves a lot of the hassle of planting but it also speeds it up meaning you can spend less time planting and more time watching your plants grow! The Multiplanter is designed to help in the planting of bulbs, seedlings and small plants in both small and large planting areas. When using the Multiplanters the correct posture of the user is encouraged. This upright position when planting ensures back strain and damage associated with planting from a bending position is eliminated. The Multiplanters have been developed by the Muggioli company based in Ponzano, Italy, who’s years of experience in the garden and horticultural markets has been instrumental in the development of the Multiplanter. For more information please contact us at intoEuropeSales.

Multiplanter’s Mission

Muggioli Giardinaggio is innovation and passion for our work, constantly, for over thirty years, to offer our customers always the best. The continuous search for new products and the improvement of the consolidated ones are our mission;

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